Imagine being hit with 3192 paintballs in 5.3 seconds.  That is what this family endured just to prove a point about swearing in modern movies. You can watch the Behind The Scenes Video here.

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    I saw your project on FB and must say, that I am very impressed. Well done!!! In a country where swear words are part of culture and speaking is nice to see this project.
    However I cannot watch a video, because I am not from US. Will this be changed? Maybe instead of using movies you could upload yours or does that violate owners rights?
    Well this is just for your information. Thanks again and good luck. Maybe the world could change to better now.

    Best of luck,

    P.S. In case you still have them I would love to own a paintball gun. 😉

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    John Jackson 1 year ago

    so…whats the point. you’re saying that since nobody swears at work, in a night club, or in general, we shouldn’t swear in movies. Frankly my dear, its life. such stupid s*** these days

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      No. That is not our point John. We are glad Directors are protected by free speech. It’s what allows us to make our own statement in this video. The VidAngel community is about viewer choice rather than government censorship. Almost 50 percent of American parents are interested in this kind of filtering system for their children. Others don’t care. Others are vehemently opposed. All of that is OK.

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        Chubs 1 year ago

        This is censorship… Almost 50% of American parents want YOU, to censor films for them? Really? (citation needed). That is pathetic, lazy, parenting. I feel sorry for all the children of parents who would rather pay to pretend certain words don’t exist than to sit down and actually discuss it with them.

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          Good question. We posted our data for you:

          We support parents in the way they choose to parent.
          VidAngel is free for Desktop and Laptop computers, so parents are not paying to remove the content from their homes, they are choosing to.

          We don’t have the data, but we suspect that those 47 percent communicate with their children above average about these topics.

          We also believe that same group of parents would agree that they can’t hide from it (as Helen point out in these comments), but they do have the right to parent as they choose within the walls of their own home. And we think it’s very American to vigorously defend those parental rights.

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          It is lazy parenting to just sit back and allow your children to regurgitate the poor language and bad grammar they hear at school. I for one don’t let my kids just sit in front of the TV or computer all day.

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    Andrew Steel 1 year ago

    So the video is pretty cool but you do realise that these are just words, right? The impact that is attributed to them is almost entirely from the people being offended rather than those offending. Swearing can be fun, poetic, emphatic, romantic and hilarious if used well. Perhaps campaigning over morality should focus on actual atrocities being committed than the words that people say.

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      Andrew, for you, this is true, and that is ok. For others, they’d prefer not to hear those words. All words have meaning. The nice thing about VidAngel is individual choice in your own home. No government censorship. No imposing of values/preferences onto other people. It’s a position that many appreciate. It’s a position that others oppose. Thanks for your civil comment. We’re glad we all have a right to speak.

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        Helen 1 year ago

        I’m sick of bad language and I don’t want my kids to hear it either. I am fully aware that they will at school, but where we decide how things should be, that won’t be tolerated. It makes me cringe to hear so many words that are in common use and it makes my little boy gasp. He knows how we feel about it and we avoid lots of movies and shows because of the language they use. I don’t find it amusing at all and I’m not difficult to amuse. I think we’ve got to the point that people don’t know how to clearly express themselves, or make jokes without the use of bad language. I would LOVE a filter!

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    David 1 year ago

    Well this was just one of the dumbest things I sat through. I’ll never get that 2 minutes back again.

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    Omid 1 year ago

    No, I’m sorry but this is totally, totally pointless. All you’ve shown in this is that you as a creative team have an aversion to adult themes, not that the adult themes themselves are bad. It’s like you decided to veer away from showing the real impact of bad words to just showing that theoretical impacts can be metaphorically portrayed as paintballs (an analogy which is flawed in itself as it suggests everyone in the family is impacted). In addition to this, your focus on swearwords is, frankly, not just prudish but also misguided. There are much worse depictions in cinema that negatively impact young children (fear, gratuitous and sadistic violence, and misogyny/male overdominance) than an extension in language which does little to affect ones outlook on life or actions.

    And to prove this to you, I could’ve summed all the above up in one sentence had I not wanted to prove myself as thoughtful: That was ******* dreadful.

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      Omid, we’re planning to raise awareness about other problems as well. Our campaign will be covering swearing, sex and violence.

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      Hiddilee 11 months ago

      One step at a time. :-) As a parent I avoid the other things you mentioned all together. It’s just a bummer, like mentioned in other posts, that foul language has to be added to an otherwise good movie. So I like the fact that they can take it out. Now that they have done that we can move on to removing the sex, drugs, violence, etc. :-) Baby steps.

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        VidAngel currently offers the ability to remove sex, drugs and violence if you choose to. Drugs are usually tagged as warnings in our system. However, it is possible to filter a warning using VidAngel’s advanced filtering feature.

        Thanks for your comment!

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      If you have actually done your research (google scholar is a good place to start) you will see that early ages of swearing and forms of aggression lead to adolescent delinquency. I won’t even get into related issues of cyber-bullying, emotional abuse, depression & anxiety in teens & tweens.

      “To prove this point to you, i could’ve summed all the above up in one sentence had i not wanted to prove myself as thoughtful:” Omid, you’re ******* ignorant.

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    Jean 1 year ago

    I would love to see a movie with out all the bad language, nude and sex in them. It’s hard to sit down with your family or grad kids and watch a good movie. Please,help stop what the world has come to. We are better then this. Use thous brilliant minds. To build the world that we can bring back in to our homes. Think of it as inviting what you produce into your home to eat, sleep, and live with. Introduce to family ,friends , church members, gradkids. What you produce, is teaching thous that can’t say NO. You have made them into monsters unable to control them selfs. We would like to trust you with our family’s . How can we ever become a great nation and people of unity. I would be great to see a world that can pay it forward.

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    Isaac 1 year ago

    I don’t get it, how does getting shot with paintballs have anything to do with your site?

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    Joan Watling 1 year ago

    Years ago our family videod Beverley Hills Cop and watched it many times all enjoying it together. We had not realised that it had been shown before the 9 o’clock watershed (U.K.) . When later we saw it on TV post watershed, we were so disappointed as the language was so bad. I would so love to see good films without un-necessary swearing.

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    Hunter 11 months ago

    The video is giving me an error and not working. I have seen this before, and wanted to watch it again. It is very good, and I really agree with you all the way here. I just wanted to let you know I couldnt see it. hopefully it is a bug that is only affecting me, but who knows. Hopefully it is haha!

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    Rachel 11 months ago

    Aww, they started as blank canvases and then the metaphorical curse words turned them into beautiful, individualistic and expressive works of art!

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    Thanks for this! Way to much junk in shows, and most of it is not necessary for the plot! And if swearing is “just real life” maybe people need to get a better vocabulary!

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    Thanks, now I want to watch Wolf of Wall St again…

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    I don’t exactly see the comparison. Words are only harmful if someone interprets them that way, or if the speaker is manipulative. Non-cuss words can cause infinitely more damage than cuss words ever could if the speaker knows his audience and the audience falls in line. Look at some of the great tragedies of history, most of them come down to somebody giving orders and others blindly following them. I don’t recall ever hearing about the time a race had half its population wiped out because someone said the word “Fuck” though. With a lot of people it’s not hard to walk up to a random stranger and cause them pain, anger, happiness, or a variety of other emotions with just a few simple words, none of which are considered “bad” or “inappropriate”.

    I get that some people dislike such words, but the answer is simple: ask someone who has seen the film first. In this great age of technology finding a movie review is child’s play, and finding someone to answer a question or two about a movie is just as easy.

    On the reverse, a paintball hitting a bent finger (as was shown at one point in this short video) has the potential to break a bone regardless of the intent behind firing… Even an accidental shot can hurt and cause lasting damage if it hits the right spot.

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      James, we went to great lengths on safety. Please watch behind the scenes:
      We researched the potential for injury very extensively before taking the shots.

      As for language, we absolutely agree that words and the intent behind them can be destructive without being profanity (“bad” or “inappropriate”). Certain words are just the tip of the iceberg to understanding human behavior and intent. There’s nudity, violence, crime and other trends that we’re researching as well. This video was simply to make a point about how society has changed over the last 75 years.

      There are those who think those societal changes are positive. Others would like to to prevent some images and sounds from entering their minds. Personal choice.

      VidAngel is not trying to be the moral authority. We simply provide a tagging tool (and filtering system) so you can tailor your own viewing experience (think about how much people like to remove ads on their Tivo). As established by law, we also maintain that families and individuals have the right to decide what they hear and see in their own home.

      The right to free speech is a two-edged sword: I can not control your speech in the public sphere. You can’t control mine. The flip side means I can’t dictate what you choose to see and hear in your home. Nor can you dictate what I choose in my home. Whether we want to censor an ad, f-word, or awful acting, the principle of free speech gives us that right in our private lives.

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    I’m sorry you’ve had so many discouraging comments on here. THANK YOU, so much, for what you are doing. While we cannot get away from vulgarity, etc in real life, it is particularly wonderful when we can remove it from our homes and private lives. Words DO have impact, and the ones you’ve chosen, including your polite responses, have made a positive one on me. Thank you again!

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      Comments like yours make our efforts worth it. We’re grateful for those customers who use and appreciate what we’re building.

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    What a terrific word picture! This is something I will definitely be looking in to.

  • View 11 months ago

    What a wonderful service that I am really excited to see and hear !

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    ihavea problemwith thisasapaint baller theywerenot wearing propper face protection. andcouldhave gotten seriously injured

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    If we are making an aim to censor foul language we should be working harder to stop violence on tv. People focus too much on the power of naughty words and nudity when the real damaging thing is the amount of blood and gore.

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    I want to know who promised everyone that they would, or should, be able to get through life without being offended? Words are human utterances used to convey concepts. I’m a big fan of the concept conveyed by the “F” word.

    “War”, “Rape”, and “Murder” are concepts that trouble me greatly. I have very little expectation of getting through the evening news without being offended.

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    Eric K 11 months ago

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me” is not true! Have you ever been harmed by words? WORDS spoke the world into existence!

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    Melanie 11 months ago

    Worked over 50 years and was sworn at for the first time by a coworker at the Clark County Fair, a family event! :@(

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    Here’s what doesn’t make sense about this. Although you make a point of “bad words” being “bad” you use violence to make that point. This is a perfect example of how nudity and bad words are taboo yet aggressive or violent acts are normal. That isn’t right. We should censor aggression and violence just as equally as we are censoring “bad words”. Words can hurt me and sticks and stones break bones. Couldn’t this message be made without a flagrant aggressive tactic employed?

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    Guest2424 11 months ago

    I for one think that this is great that you’re doing this. I know that there are a lot of families nowadays that simply don’t care about their children uttering curses, but traditional families still consider them rude and offensive. And a service like this is great! My husband’s father used to do this himself with a VHS recorder, h’ed buy the movie then record it again in the VHS recorder, but not record the curse words or scenes with graphic nudity or whatnot. Now to have a service like this, it’ll take out a lot of work for future parents who want to protect their children from such language inside their homes.

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    Outstanding point! You should hear the language on elementary school playgrounds! Exposure to too much, too soon and kids don’t often have the emotional maturity to separate real life from a movie or video game.

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    This video makes an excellent point. Swearing makes everything more colorful.

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      I love the idea. Now we just need to figure out a way to filter out stupid comments from people like John and Kurt :)

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        Let’s be civil to each other :)

        Glad you love the idea. Please try it out and let us know what you think.